Flippable, tiltable, wearable reading glasses

The Raquel - Blue Screen Lens (no power)


Sparkle Diamond Black
Sparkle Ruby Red
Sparkle Baby Pink
Sparkle Bordeaux

Calling all people who DO NOT need readers but have a bad case of FOMO from the Bunny Eyez revolution - our  Raquel Blue Light Blocking Readers are a modern take on a retro style.  Wear them while watching tv or reading your phone, computer or other blue light emitting devices! 

The Raquel comes in the following colors: Sparkle Diamond Black, Sparkle Ruby Red, Sparkle Baby Pink, and Sparkle Bordeaux.

They have all the features you expect - they’re wearable, tilt-able, and flippable -  but they have NO POWER +0.00 blue light blocking lens.

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