About Us

Sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz named their revolutionary new eyewear company after their late mother Bunny Koppelman.   But Bunny Eyez® wearable, tilt-able, flippable reading glasses are not your mother's reading glasses. 

Here's the story:

Stacy and Jenny were sitting side-by-side, as their hair was getting colored — and they were frustrated. There was no way, they realized, for them to wear their reading glasses and get their hair colored at the same time.

Then, like Tess McGill in the movie Working Girl, saying "Trask, radio; Trask, radio," they had an idea. It was time, they decided, for a new kind of reading glasses — which could be worn while coloring your hair, cooking dinner, giving a presentation, sitting at the dinner table, or doing just about anything else.

After several rounds of prototypes, this concept became Bunny Eyez®, the ideal pair of reading glasses for whatever you're doing.

Bunny Eyez wearable, tilt-able, flippable, reading glasses!

Our revolutionary Bunny Eyez® reading glasses look great, but the true magic is in their functionality.

Our unique, patented design features proprietary black diamond hinge technology, which enables wearers to put their readers on in the traditional way — or flip the temples for an entirely new experience. 

  • Flip the temples to use your glasses while getting your hair colored. 
  • Tilt the front of the frame to watch tv, and read in bed simultaneously.
  • Flip one temple to lie on your side reading in bed comfortably.
  • Flip the temples after cosmetic surgery, so they don't have to sit on your face.
  • Flip them during a face mask, so you limit the mess!
  • Flip the temples while cooking, so you can read your recipe, knead your dough, and never get food in your hair!
  • Tilt the front of the frame while giving a presentation, so you can maintain eye-contact with the audience without your slides turning blurry. 

If you need readers, but find them sometimes too inconvenient to wear, then Bunny Eyez® are for you! 

If you love to wear readers, then Bunny Eyez® will take your experience to the next level!

If you love a great accessory, with more uses than first meets the eye, then order Bunny Eyez® today.  

All of our designs are fashionable and functional — and we can't wait for you to try them!